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1UP is fast growing international IT company that cooperates with partners all across the world with their projects. We build teams together to combine our forces to build better and stronger results than we could have been able alone.

Our focus is to take promising or well experienced developers, provide them comfortable and motivating environment and keep training them to have them become great professionals in a future.

For us, it is highly important that developers are able to combine quality with speed that results huge value toward the projects. We invest greatly to our employees as for us, developers are our pride and honor, but also we ask from our developers dedication and spirit of self-learning to stay up ahead and keep improving. If you are intere

We are looking individuals from fresh-graduate to experienced senior developers to join our ranks.

Hiring Details:

For all of our positions we need a prove of a strong skill and pro-active personality. The hiring process is as follows:

  1. Send application
  2. Skill Test
  3. Personality Test
  4. 1-on-1 Interview
  5. Hiring

Salary Details:

Our salary is only determined by skill, experience and dedication. Our initial monthly salary is 4M IDR, but can go up to 40M IDR every month, if you are being highly effective developer. Years of experience does not matter, only your results.


  • One of the best salaries on the market, a merit based pay system and bonuses
  • An opportunity to work, learn and evolve in a professional environment, on top quality IT production company.
  • A supportive working climate and a free communication style allowing you to increase your knowledge by sharing ideas and solutions
  • Get the chance to work in a multi-national team
  • Enjoyable and encouraging team spirit
  • Possibility to work remotely.
  • Possibility to work in our clients offices around the world  (USA, Europe)
  • Great focus on employee training and satisfaction